Lost/Damaged Passport


i) Documents required : 

a) On-line Passport Application: http://portal6.passportindia.gov.in 

b) 3 latest studio glossy paper photographs; square size of not less than 2 x 2 inches (51 mm x 51 mm); high quality colour; light background; face covering 80% of the photo. Please see photo requirements with samples at (click here) 

c) Original Passport with photocopy of relevant pages (photopage, first and last page, Philippine visa page). (FOR DAMAGE PASSPORT) 

OR Photocopy of lost passport (Front and Back) and other relevant pages with Philippine visa endorsement. (FOR LOST PASSPORT) 

d) Original I-Card - ACR/ ICR with photocopy (valid) 

e) Police Report on letter head. 

f) Sworn Affidavit for LOSS/DAMAGE (from the applicant) available at the counter/website and sworn before the Consular Officer (Download Affidavit here). 

g) Joint Affidavit from 2 Indian witnesses (stating that they have the knowledge regarding the lost/damage passport and certifying applicant’s identity and Indian nationality). 

h) Passport photocopies of 2 Indian witnesses (with latest arrival).

i) Photocopies of ACR/ICR – I-card of 2 Indian witnesses with photocopies.

j) Letter from the employer certifying applicant’s identity and Indian nationality. 

*Any other document decided by Consul at the time of interview. 

ii) Additional Documents Required : (In addition to the documents mentioned above) 

*If married and Name of Spouse is not yet included in previous passport, but  the applicant applies for such inclusion in the new Passport : 

a) Original Marriage Certificate with photocopy authenticated by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) of the Philippines in the case of marriage solemnized in the Philippines or by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi in the case of marriage solemnized in India. 

b) Joint Affidavit (from husband and wife) to be sworn before the Consular officer (Download Affidavit here) 

c) Joint Photo (during the marriage). 

d) Copy of Affidavit of Legal Capacity (for Filipino wife only) 

e) Valid ID of spouse

Important Note :  

1) Processing time required would be 15 working days from date of receipt of application and confirmation from the previous Passport Issuing Authority if Embassy of India, Manila is not the original Passport Issuing Authority 

2) Processing time required would be 15 working days if the lost passport was issued at Manila (Personal interview by the Consul) 

Fees : Fee for Consular Service + Fee for Affidavit for Damage/Lost + Banking Charges (PHP 50) + Courier Charges (PHP 200)


Consular Service Fee (PHP)

Banking charges (PHP)

Courier charges (PHP)

Total (PHP)

36 pages





60 pages





Tatkal Passport Seva for Damaged/Lost* Passport 

36 pages





60 pages





*Tatkal Passport Seva for Lost Passport: Subject to fullfillment of Rules & Regulation 

For payment of fees please go through the following advisory: