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General guidelines for visa, passport and other consular services:

Application forms are accepted on all working days, in the morning, between 1000 hours to 1200 hours and collection time is between 1500 hours to 1600 hours on the day indicated.

Processing time for visa to Filipino and Permanent residents is 3 working days and for business visas is 24 hours, but may be extended if so required - please check on exact day for collection when you submit the application.

In case of non-Filipino passport holders, time taken to process visa is 6 working days.

In case service is requested on account of emergency, extra charges are levied.

Fees and other charges are to be paid in Philippine Peso only. The Embassy has no facilities for changing currency.

Fees and other charges are to be paid in cash.

Fees once paid cannot be refunded.

Passport for visa should have validity of minimum of six months and should have enough blank pages.

Please ensure that your application, in the prescribed format and properly filled in, is accompanied by all required documentation, including the required number of photographs where necessary. Ensure that signatures are given wherever required, especially in the two signature boxes on the last page of the passport application form.

Please ensure that your contact telephone number is on the application form so that we can call you in case any clarification is required.

Please check the spelling of your name, dates etc in the passport/visa or other documents carefully at the time of collection. Despite our best efforts mistakes do happen. This could lead to unintended hardship for you.

All passport, visa and consular services are discretionary and can be refused, especially where there is suspicion of foul play or misrepresentation of any kind. Furnishing false particulars or attempting to obtain a passport fraudulently is punishable under the Indian Passport Act and can lead to imprisonment and withdrawal of passport facilities.

Note 1: Out-of- turn passport is issued under Taktal Scheme. Types of services and Fees may be seen under Passport Services.

Note 2: Machine Readable Passports have been introduced by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Passport will be printed in the Ministry, New Delhi and couriered to this Embassy. Passports will be delivered as per the delivery schedule mentioned under Passport services.

Note 3 : Registration of children eligible for Indian nationality 

For a child born in the Philippines and Federated States of Micronesia, Palau to be registered as an Indian citizen , the application must be made within one year of the child's birth on the prescribed form . In case the child is above one year, the case will be referred to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India for clearance. Birth will be registered and Indian passport issued on receipt of clearance.

An affidavit to be submitted by the parents stating the reason why the child was not registered within one year of birth and the child has not acquired citizenship of any foreign country. If one of the parents is a foreign national, parents will produce a letter from the Department of Foreign Affairs confirming that the child has not acquired citizenship of that country. Embassy (Consular Section) may be consulted for additional application requirements.

Note 4: Foreign nationals with less than two years of residence in the Philippines must apply for business and employment visa in the country of their origin. 

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