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Important Advisory for payment of fees for Consular services (w.e.f 8th March 2021)

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Important Advisory for payment of fees (in Philippine Peso-PHP) for Consular services (w.e.f 8th March 2021)

In order to make the consular process simpler and convenient for the applicants, the fee (Annexure attached) for different consular services, henceforth, could be deposited directly into the Embassy of India’s METROBANK Account.

  • Henceforth, NO cash fee of any kind would be paid/deposited at the Embassy for any consular service w.e.f 8th March 2021.
  • The applicant can deposit their fee in the bank directly, prior to or on the same day of visiting the Consular office for the service. Applicants are advised not to deposit the payment more than 48 hours prior to their visit to centre.
  • The applicants are to deposit their documents at the Consular office only along with the fee deposition slip.
  • Details for depositing fee into the Embassy’s account are as follows:
  • Account name                                              -  Embassy of India
  • Account number                                          -  3107310515635
  • Subscriber/ Cardholder’s                            -  Applicant’s name
  • Reference No                                             -     ID number
  • Subscriber No.                                          -      N/A
  • Mobile number                                          -     Applicant’s Mobile no.
  • Mode of Payment (to bank)                       -    Cash (Cheque payment will not be  permitted)
  • In case the applicant lacks any document(s), he/she would be required to submit the document within the time frame of the service he has applied for. The application would not be processed without all necessary documents.
  • All passports (whether for fresh/renewal) henceforth would continue to be sent by courier (LBC) only. Passports cannot be collected at the Embassy individually/by hand.
  • The chart for various consular services is attached as ‘Annexure’.


Revised Fee for different Consular services (inclusive of courier & Banking charges):


S. No.




Fresh/Re-issue/ Renewal of Passport after normal expiry or pages of the existing valid passport are full

PHP. 4,230.00
36 pages

PHP. 5,510.00
60 pages

PHP. 2,935.00
(Minor – 36 pages)

PHP. 5,510.00
 (minor – 60 pages)


Lost/Damaged Passport

PHP. 8,085.00
(This excludes fee for affidavit of loss for PHP 660.00)
(36 pages)

PHP. 9,375.00
  (60 pages)
(This excludes fee for affidavit of loss for PHP 660.00)


Passport for the newly born children

PHP. 2,935.00
(This excludes   birth registration (PHP 1160)and attestation (PHP 660) fee.

Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)


OCI for normal applicant

PHP 15,410.00


OCI for issuance of duplicate OCI Documents

PHP  5,910.00


OCI Fee for re-issuance of OCI documents in case of acquisition of new passport, change in the personal particulars, like address, nationality, name and photograph etc.  

PHP 1,810.00 


Converting PIO to OCI card


Other Consular Services


Attestation of documents
Commercial document:  Authenticated by DFA

PHP 710.00

PHP 2760.00


Power of attorney

PHP 1450.00


Police Clearance Certificate

PHP 1450.00


Death Registration

PHP 84.00


Birth/ Marriage/ OSP certification

PHP 1450.00


Renunciation of Indian citizenship

PHP 5516.00


Emergency certificate

PHP 935.00


Legal Capacity

PHP 710.00

NOTE: Expeditious processing (same day service) fee of PHP 500.00 would be levied extra (only for consular services mentioned on Sl. No 08, 09 & 12).