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Advisory on Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

Posted on: October 11, 2021 | Back | Print


Declarants/applicants for renunciation of Indian citizenship (residing in Philippines, Palau and Federated States of Micronesia) may kindly note the following :

1. Henceforth, the renunciation of Indian citizenship has to be applied only on the MHA portal: https://www.indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in”.

2. The renouncer would fill all the details and upload relevant documents in the above mentioned website and pay the fee online while filing the application. The online form should be filled in Block/ Capital letters. Once the application form is submitted online then no further modifications are allowed. Hence applicants are requested to carefully verify the details before submitting the online application form.

3. File number would be generated automatically after the submission of online application and the same will be communicated by e-mail. Applicant can track the status and refer this file number for any future correspondence.

4. Separate application has to be filed for each applicant.

5. After submitting the application online, the applicant is required to visit the Embassy of India, Manila for submitting the print-out of the application along with supportive documents and for signing the declaration form before the Consular Officer.

6. Applicant will be provided acknowledgement (Form XXIII) after his/her signed application/declaration is successfully uploaded by the Embassy. This would be sent to the applicant through e-mail.

7. The decision of the competent authority on declaration of renunciation of Indian citizenship shall be conveyed to the applicant through e-mail.

8. A person who has ceased to be Indian citizen is required to surrender the documents which he had acquired on the basis of his Indian citizenship (e.g. Voter ID card, passport etc.) to the Embassy at the time of submission of application.