Advisory on Indian Medical Students in Federated States of Micronesia

Embassy of India
The Embassy has been receiving numerous queries with regard to validity of
medical degrees conferred by an entity based in FSM named New Tokyo Medical
College(NTMC) and seeking attestation of degrees issued by NTMC. Several of these
students are those who were forced to shift out of Ukraine since February 2022.
In this context, it may be noted that Indias National Medical
Commission(NMC) had issued Public Notices dated 6th and 15th September 2022
conveying list of countries permitted under Academic Mobility Program for
temporarily relocation of medical students studying in Ukrainian Universities. FSM
is not included in the list of said countries for Academic Mobility Program. The NMC
also clarified that even after the relocation of students, the degree shall be awarded
The Embassy has sought relevant information from the Government of FSM
on NTMC in particular and medical education in FSM in general. No response has
been received from FSM authorities so far.
In view of the above, it is hereby clarified that the Embassy shall not be in a
position to authenticate any degrees or other educational documentation issued by
NTMC. Students who are considering availing of medical education in FSM in future
are requested to ensure that the institutions concerned are in compliance with NMC
guidelines on foreign medical graduates dated 18 November 2021.
15 September 2023