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Sahitya Sangam-Literature Festival

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The Embassy of India in collaboration with ‘Bharati’, the Expatriate Indian Women’s Association in the Philippines, organized Sahitya Sangam-Literature Festival, a celebration of Indian and shared languages and literature on the occasion of the Founding Day of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations on 26 April, 2019 at Forbes Park, Makati.

India – a country of nearly 1.3 billion people is a federal state with its provinces demarcated principally on linguistic grounds. There are presently 29 states and 7 centrally administered territories in India. The main 22 languages in India are enshrined in the Constitution of India, which demonstrates the importance attached to their growth and development. These languages, which have their own script, have rich literature, some of which goes back to thousands of years.

India is a vast country of great diversity. It is the celebration of this diversity that makes India what she is today. The event featured ten languages through prose, poetry, song and dance.

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